Ways to Help All Year Long

The holiday season of giving is over, but at Keltner Insurance Inc., we believe there is a way to keep the spirit going with the greatest gift all year long — that of your time.  Keltner Insurance Inc. is all about community from providing coverage to its members to the rallying cry of paying it forward.  Our top ten ways to help the community are as follows:

1) The people who help in times of natural disasters are actively seeking volunteers.  Consider spending time with the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross, who seeks volunteers for its Disaster Action Team, which responds to house fires and assist families the immediate emergency needs and covering the office phones.

2) Volunteer Wounded Warrier
It can be as little as donating a post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter.  Help advocate for Wounded Warriors online by sharing your status updates with your friends.

3) Volunteer Hospice Care – There is nothing more appreciated than helping the terminally ill and their loved ones during a difficult time.

4) From April through October the Memphis Farmers Market Downtown needs volunteers to help in a variety of ways during Market Days each Saturday.

5) If you are looking for a bit of an adventure with volunteering, check out the Lichterman Nature Center.   At the Backyard Wildlife Center volunteers prepare meals and clean animal areas.

6) The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is looking for volunteers to serve Ready Runners who act as family assistants, lobby help, and wheelchair organizers, as well as Kafe Kay Companions to carry trays and help families in the cafeteria.

7) Try for a different adventure in the oldest active burial ground at Elmwood Cemetery, where they are looking to train volunteers to be tour guides, costumed reenactors, special event workers, and monument restorers.

8) The American Diabetes Association needs “Step Out Street Crew” volunteers to post flyers, initiate outings, and even to help in the office.

9) The Memphis Crisis Center needs volunteer “caring voices” for its hotline and be part of a group that helps more than 15,000 people who call the lifelines annually.

10) At Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, there are many volunteer needs including a playroom assistant, creative arts room, baby huggers, and activity cart.

There is much to do every day of the year, but none is more satisfying than having helped your community.  With Keltner Insurance, Inc., you are always guaranteed to be insured by someone in your community.