Insuring All Of Your Employees Properly

There are many new businesses in Memphis, TN that need employee insurance. If you are one of them, contact us at Keltner Insurance. We can help to provide you with a guide towards getting the kind of policies outlined below.

Getting Health Insurance

First of all, your employees need high-quality health insurance. Try to find company plans that suit your business size and type. There are many bundles available on the market, so don’t be afraid to do a little shopping to find one that is right for you.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Just about any business is going to need a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place. These types of policies help to provide you with cash when one of your employees is hurt on the job site. This cash gives them the ability to recover without suffering from financial difficulties.

Unemployment Insurance Taxes

Paying unemployment insurance taxes ensures that your employees are safe if you have to let them go for any reason. These policies usually kick in if you pay at last $1,500 in wages during one quarter of a calendar year. The insurance rates will vary depending on the size of your business, so make sure that you talk to your state officials first.

Disability Insurance

This type of insurance is different than workers’ compensation because it kicks in if your employees are injured or sick outside of something that happened during work. It helps to make sure they get the rehabilitation that they need to manage their treatment and get back to work. Shop around a bit to find the best rates.

Let Us Help You Get Total Employee Coverage

If your Memphis, TN company needs the kind of high-quality insurance your employees deserve, contact us at Keltner Insurance. We can find a policy that works well for you.