Reasons to review your home insurance

Home insurance is designed to protect the biggest investment most people ever make. It offers not just one type of protection but several types. It is not the kind of insurance that stays the same forever. It is something you need to take a look at from time to time. Some reasons are more compelling than others when it comes to reviewing your policy, but everyone should look at their policy at least once a year. In Memphis, TN, Keltner Insurance is locally owned and operated, and we will be there through all the insurance needs that our customers have. 

When it is time for your home insurance to review, you will receive a copy of your policy with a summary of your coverage. This is the perfect time to take a good look at everything that you have in the way of coverage. You can see the amount your home is covered for, the amount of liability coverage you have, how much your deductible is, and what type and amount of content coverage you have.

The value of your home has increased

Many things that you do to your home can increase the value. If you make a major change in your home, you should let your insurance company know. Just putting in a new kitchen or roof isn’t enough to make a major change but adding another bathroom, building an addition or a new garage can and do add value   

You added a liability risk

If you put in a swimming pool, have a trampoline, or have a dog, you need to review the amount of liability coverage that you have.

Content coverage review

If you have actual cash value home contents coverage, you may want to consider replacement cost. This will allow you to actually replace the items lost at today’s cost. 

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