4 Signs You Need Commercial Insurance

If you own a small business, your life is probably hectic. You’re juggling everything from the day-to-day operations to marketing and sales. But have you considered that there are some things you might be forgetting about? One of those could be commercial insurance. This article will cover four signs that its time for this coverage to become part of your business plan.

1. Your Business Has a Large Amount of Inventory

If you’ve got a lot of inventory, that’s an obvious sign your business needs commercial insurance. If your stock gets ruined or stolen due to a fire, a flood, or even vandalism, you can find yourself in serious financial straits. Without the right kind of coverage in place, those losses might mean the end of your business.

2. Your Business Deals in High-End or Costly Products

If your company deals in high-end products – whether those are handmade items, fine jewelry, or expensive electronics – you need to have commercial coverage. No matter how much security you implement, there’s always a chance of a break-in at your place of business. That means the loss of your inventory and the business itself if you can’t cover those expenses.

3. You Use Products or Equipment That Can Cause Injury

Employees are the lifeblood of any business, but they also expose that company to a lot of liability. From slips and falls to faulty products, there are plenty of ways an accident can happen on the job. At small companies that don’t have many assets, these accidents can bring down your business permanently.

4. Your Customers Are at Risk of Injury From Your Product or Service

Whether they are visitors to your store or customers you service in their homes, your clients and customers can get injured because of something you did or didn’t do. When that happens, you can end up with lawsuits or even criminal charges against your business. That’s why commercial insurance is a must.

The Right Insurance for Your Business in Memphis, TN

Commercial insurance is something most entrepreneurs overlook. This can be a costly mistake that results in the loss of your business, so remember to protect yourself and your company with a policy from Keltner Insurance.