Ways To Avoid Road Rage

Road rage can affect even the best of us while driving. For some people, it is a chain of events that can really get under their skin. For others, one small thing can set them off and before you know it, they are driving around in a fit of rage. This type of driving is not beneficial for anyone. It can increase the risk of an accident since the driver is more focused on their anger than their driving. To counteract these emotions while driving, use these tips.

  • If someone is riding your car from behind, consider moving out of the way instead of egging them on or letting the action make you angry. By letting them pass, you are letting them leave your vicinity as well as the potential road rage. Your passengers will thank you.
  • Listen to music that makes you happy while in the car. Listening to the music that you like will make your mood better no matter how annoying some other drivers may be. Some people even like to create mixes to help them stay calm behind the wheel in traffic.
  • Plan ahead for potential delays. You are more likely to get frustrated behind the wheel when you are running late. Give yourself some extra time to counteract this and reduce the risk of road rage.
  • Only use your horn when absolutely necessary. Even if people are not angry yet, using your horn is guaranteed to escalate the situation. Only use it if absolutely necessary instead and avoid the spread of road rage.

Another thing that can make you mad while driving is not having enough or adequate insurance. Take care of that issue by contacting us at Keltner Insurance for a policy review or to explore your options.