What motorcyclists need to know about insurance

As a motorcycle rider in Memphis, TN, having motorcycle insurance is not just advisable, it’s a requirement by law. It’s a protective shield against potential financial harm that could result from vehicle damage, healthcare costs due to accidents, and legal financial obligations. Connect with us at Keltner Insurance to guide you through your insurance needs.

The Necessity of Liability Coverage

Liability coverage falls under the obligatory state-mandated coverage for all motorcyclists. It covers potential damages or losses caused in an accident where you are at fault. The law sets the minimum coverage amount at $15,000 for property damage and $25,000 for injuries or death per accident. We at Keltner Insurance can provide detailed information about how liability coverage can benefit you.

Why Collision Insurance is Crucial for Motorcyclists

An accident could severely damage your motorcycle. To avoid significant repair costs after such unanticipated events, collision insurance can offer financial safety. In other words, collision coverage allows you to quickly bounce back from an unfortunate incident without having to dig too deep into your pockets.

Benefits of Comprehensive and Additional Coverage

Threats to your vehicle don’t only come from road accidents. Exposure to severe weather, incidents of theft, or vandalism could also cost you dearly. All these are covered under a comprehensive insurance plan. Without comprehensive coverage, you might find yourself incurring out-of-pocket costs for repairs or getting a replacement.

Explore Motorcycle Insurance Options with Keltner Insurance

At Keltner Insurance, our dedicated agents can provide detailed coverage options and actionable advice on motorcycle insurance policies. Don’t risk the unforeseen; get the necessary coverage and ride with the peace of mind knowing you are protected. Call or visit our Memphis, TN office today.