Five Reasons You Need Boat Insurance

The Necessity of Boat Insurance

Boat insurance from Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN can help you protect your floating assets from harm.


Marinas are famous for greasy, questionable water; oil on the water’s surface can catch fire. Fires onboard can also happen from untended ignition sources like a pilot light. Your boat needs to be insured against fire!


Plenty of movies have started with the plot device of the protagonist stealing a boat – but what about the beleaguered owner? If you find yourself in this position, ensure you have serial numbers and photos of everything you routinely keep aboard – it will make tracing your vessel and getting it back that much easier.


Boats are valuable assets that are often stored out in the open. Even in an access-controlled marina, there is never enough access control to keep people from approaching over the water. Because of this, vandalism is always a threat to people’s boats and belongings, even in the safe waters of the marina. Keep your boat covered against vandalism with good insurance.


The Law of Gross Tonnage says whoever has the greatest gross tonnage wins. Respect larger vessels, watch out for smaller ones, and keep a respectful distance from other traffic. Inspectors after an accident can help you repair your boat and get back on the water.


If your motor breaks down or your boat springs a leak, you may be in for a very costly repair bill. Breaking down in the middle of the channel can be hazardous, too. Keep your phone handy and remember day flags: F or Foxtrot means "I am disabled" and can alert barges or rescue boats to your situation.

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