How to Determine if You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is a very popular type of insurance, especially as people get older. However, even if you have thought about life insurance, you may still be on the fence about buying it. A lot of people wonder if they actually need to have this coverage or not. If you have been trying to figure out if you should get life insurance, be sure to use this guide from Keltner Insurance, serving Memphis, TN, to help you decide if you really need it. 

  • You have someone who relies on your income. Whether you have a spouse, children, or both, if they rely on your income for survival, you should consider getting life insurance to help take care of them if anything happens to you. 
  • You have debt. If you have debt that you would leave behind, you do not want to burden your family with the added financial responsibilities. It is a good idea to have enough coverage to take care of this debt. 
  • You don’t have money saved up for a burial. Burials are expensive and if you do not have the money saved up for it already you should consider having a life insurance policy to take care of it so it is one less thing for your family to worry about. 

There are some specific situations where you really should consider purchasing life insurance and there are others where it is simply the smart thing to do. If you are still not sure or if you would like help finding the right policy or amount, be sure to reach out to us here at Keltner Insurance, serving Memphis, TN, today. We are always happy to help and will even provide you with a free quote for coverage that meets your needs and your budget.