RV Insurance for Your Road Trip

Here at Keltner Insurance, we have access to the latest insurance policies for vehicles of all sorts. This includes RVs. When you’re thinking of your road trips for the coming season, remember that your insurance may need to be updated just as much as your registration. It’s as important as good tires and reliable windshield wipers. Your RV insurance helps you see ahead, stay on the road, and have a good time.

Sometimes people get confused about RV insurance. They don’t realize that there can be a significant difference between a tow-along camper and a motor coach. The size and design of different vehicles affect the insurance, just as if you were insuring a small two-door sedan or a king-cab pickup truck. This reflects the cost of repairs for specific vehicles as well as the statistical data relating to vehicles that encounter different kinds of travel-related incidents. We can help you understand these differences. We’ll help you see what up-to-date policies are available from a broad range of reliable insurance companies. You won’t have to do the research the hard way for yourself; we’ll pull it all up on one computer screen for you to see all at once. We’ll make sure you finish with confidence knowing that either your current policy is an excellent one, or you have just signed up for the one that will be excellent for you. 

Contact us for quotes or policies that will protect your RV around Memphis, TN and beyond.  That way you can get back to planning your route instead of worrying about insurance. Gladly serving the Memphis TN area, Keltner Insurance is ready to help you find the peace of mind you need before you hit the road.