Tips for Purchasing the Right Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Tailoring a policy to suit your specific needs is crucial. Exploring the policies varied home insurance providers in your area offer can give you a richer understanding of what’s available. Whether you are acquiring your first home insurance policy or renewing an existing one, these tips from Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN, can ensure you gain optimal coverage within your budget.

Essential Tips for Buying Home Insurance Coverage

While home insurance isn’t generally compulsory unless you have a mortgage, having proper coverage can turn out to be a lifesaver in protecting your assets. Here are some insights to help you select the right policy:

  • Home Value Estimation: Properly gauge your home’s value and secure sufficient dwelling coverage. This will help you rebuild your home if it suffers a total loss.
  • Protect Personal Belongings: Evaluate the worth of your belongings and obtain appropriate coverage to replace them in case of a disaster. We recommend creating a home inventory for effortless claim processing should a disaster strike.
  • Liability Coverage: This will cover the medical expenses if someone accidentally gets injured while on your property. Adequate liability coverage can keep your assets safe if a serious accident ensues.
  • Reasonable Deductible: Choose a deductible amount you’re financially comfortable with for your policy. A higher deductible can contribute to lower insurance costs.

Quality Home Insurance Coverage in Memphis, TN

For comprehensive home insurance protection at cost-effective rates, reach out to your Keltner Insurance agent in Memphis, TN.

Three Reasons Why Safety Ratings Matter on a Car

Understanding the Importance of Safety Ratings in Your Vehicle Purchase

When purchasing a new car, various factors influence your decision, one of which should be the vehicle’s safety ratings. Although this parameter might not have been a significant consideration on past purchases, here are several compelling reasons why safety ratings should be a major criterion for buying your next vehicle.

1. They Determine Collision Protection

Safety ratings are influenced by a vehicle’s performance under direct-impact collisions. Vehicles with top-notch safety ratings typically ensure better protection for you and your family in the event of a crash. This might be due to strategically placed airbags, seatbelts, and other security features safeguarding passengers during a collision. The vehicle’s body reaction to a collision also feeds into this rating.

2. High-tech Safety Features for Prevention

Newer vehicles, compact cars or large SUVs, are increasingly fitted with cutting-edge safety technology. For instance, sensors that alert drivers when other vehicles are too close for comfort or automatic braking systems that slow down the car when a collision seems imminent. These features enhance with each new model release and contribute positively to the overall safety rating.

3. Quality of Body Material

Over the past decade, there’s been a shift from steel to aluminum in most vehicle designs. Aluminum, being lighter than steel, improves gas mileage without compromising on durability. In a collision, aluminum frames are engineered to direct impact force away from the driver and passengers, enhancing safety and increasing the vehicle’s safety ratings.

These are just a few crucial reasons to factor in safety ratings when purchasing your next vehicle. If you’re in the Memphis, TN area and need an insurance quote, contact Keltner Insurance Agency today.

What motorcyclists need to know about insurance

As a motorcycle rider in Memphis, TN, having motorcycle insurance is not just advisable, it’s a requirement by law. It’s a protective shield against potential financial harm that could result from vehicle damage, healthcare costs due to accidents, and legal financial obligations. Connect with us at Keltner Insurance to guide you through your insurance needs.

The Necessity of Liability Coverage

Liability coverage falls under the obligatory state-mandated coverage for all motorcyclists. It covers potential damages or losses caused in an accident where you are at fault. The law sets the minimum coverage amount at $15,000 for property damage and $25,000 for injuries or death per accident. We at Keltner Insurance can provide detailed information about how liability coverage can benefit you.

Why Collision Insurance is Crucial for Motorcyclists

An accident could severely damage your motorcycle. To avoid significant repair costs after such unanticipated events, collision insurance can offer financial safety. In other words, collision coverage allows you to quickly bounce back from an unfortunate incident without having to dig too deep into your pockets.

Benefits of Comprehensive and Additional Coverage

Threats to your vehicle don’t only come from road accidents. Exposure to severe weather, incidents of theft, or vandalism could also cost you dearly. All these are covered under a comprehensive insurance plan. Without comprehensive coverage, you might find yourself incurring out-of-pocket costs for repairs or getting a replacement.

Explore Motorcycle Insurance Options with Keltner Insurance

At Keltner Insurance, our dedicated agents can provide detailed coverage options and actionable advice on motorcycle insurance policies. Don’t risk the unforeseen; get the necessary coverage and ride with the peace of mind knowing you are protected. Call or visit our Memphis, TN office today.

Security Upgrades For Your Condo

If your condo was previously broken into, consider increasing the security within your residence. Use the tips below. After you have made the improvements, consult with a Keltner Insurance agent who serves Memphis, TN. They will recommend insurance products that are suited for condo owners.

Point Of Entry

Assess the point of entry that was used during the break-in. If the door or window isn’t equipped with a modern locking system, this is one item that you should consider investing in. A modern locking system should be installed by a licensed locksmith.

Monetary Loss

Consider the monetary loss that you previously experienced. If a lot of items were stolen in the past, not having adequate insurance coverage probably resulted in you needing to pay a lot of money to replace what you lost. List all the items that you would like to cover with your updated insurance policy.

Adequate Storage

Seek adequate storage solutions for the items of value that you own. Investing in a safe will supply you with space to store jewelry, collectible coins, and other items of value. 

New Lighting

Address any lighting concerns that you have. Your condo should be equipped with plenty of lighting outdoors and indoors. A motion-tracking device that lights up will alert you when someone has entered your property. 

Owner Permission

Before you make any permanent changes to the property that your condo is situated on, seek approval from the owner of the property. 

Agent Services

After you have improved the security that your condo is equipped with, contact an insurance agent who services Memphis, TN. Our insurance agents at Keltner Insurance are trained to prepare and modify condo insurance documents for new and existing customers.

What coverage benefits will someone in Memphis receive with RV insurance?

Being an RV owner in Memphis, TN can come with a lot of fun and adventure. If you choose to purchase an RV when you are here, various vital choices need to be made. This can include selecting the right insurance plan for your RV. Overall, various benefits come when you receive a proper RV insurance plan. 

Liability Coverage

When you purchase an RV, you need to ensure it is adequately insured and in compliance with state law. In Tennessee, this includes requiring you to have RV insurance with a component for liability coverage. This ensures you can pay for an accident that could occur when you are on the road. 

An RV is also a unique asset as you can consider it a residence. If you intend to have guests stay, this can come with additional liability risks. An RV insurance plan will offer coverage to mitigate this concern as well. 

Comprehensive Coverage

An RV insurance plan can also be a good option as it will ensure you are able to protect your investment in the asset. If you have chosen to purchase the RV, you will receive coverage if it is stolen or damaged in an accident. This can be achieved if you invest in a full comprehensive insurance plan. 

You should always consider RV insurance a necessity if you are in the Memphis, TN area. Once you are ready to begin the process of looking for this coverage, you can get the support you need by calling our team with Keltner Insurance. At Keltner Insurance, we know the value of this coverage, and we will help you create a plan that meets your needs and adequately supports your RV. 

Should Roommates Get Separate Renter’s Insurance Policies?

Whether you have a roommate in your rental or live alone in a rental property in Memphis, TN, our Keltner Insurance team can help you protect your home or apartment through a renter’s insurance policy. For those who live with roommates or housemates, it can be a good idea to ask whether it makes sense to have a single policy for the entire rental or purchase separate policies for each housemate. While every policy has different terms and limits, you may find that choosing the renter’s insurance arrangement that works for you can be wise.

Count the Cost

One of the main reasons people have a roommate is to save money on the cost of living. From splitting rent to sharing the burden of utilities, roommates slash the amount of money each person needs to afford housing. Still, a single policy can have hidden costs.

When you have a renter’s insurance policy with your roommates, you might have claims on your insurance history if your roommates file claims under that policy. This can drive up the costs of getting a renter’s insurance policy in the future. It can also affect your overall coverage since you may have to pay for things out of pocket that would usually qualify once you and your roommates have reached the policy’s limit.

Consider Your Needs

If you need a policy that offers robust coverage for collectibles, you may want to get your own. Your roommates might not have the same needs and may also not want to pay the rate you’re willing to pay.

To insure your rental with or without roommates, call our team at Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN!

Navigating the Waters: Boat Insurance Essentials in Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN boat owners often rely on the good folks at Keltner Insurance to address any concerns about their watercraft. Before you shop for a boat insurance policy in earnest, it is in the best interests of Memphis residents to do as much research as possible. Be sure to consult the following guide once you are ready to get started.

Is Boat Insurance Required In Tennessee?

While boat insurance is not required in any state, that does not mean a boat owner can decide to go without. If a bank loan is involved, they will require insurance coverage for the boat. The same goes for any boat owner looking to utilize a marina.

What Is The Most Important Factor To Consider?

This is where the knowledge that an experienced boat insurance agent can provide becomes even more important. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to provide here. When it comes to boat insurance policies, no two are ever going to be exactly alike. Any client who attempts to base their policy on someone else’s will be left holding the bag at a later date.

Does The Name on the Title Matter?

In a word, yes. The client’s name must be listed on the boat’s title to obtain a boat insurance policy. A boat that has been insured under a different name is a boat that does not have any insurance coverage, so this is a crucial piece of information to bear in mind.

If you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of boat insurance essentials in Memphis, TN, contact Keltner Insurance. Our team of professionals is more than happy to answer any additional questions from our prospective clients.

Motorcycle Accessories and Gear: Protecting Your Investments with the Right Coverage

Motorcycles are not just a mode of transportation; it’s a passion for many riders in and around Memphis, TN. Whether you ride for leisure or as your primary means of commuting, investing in motorcycle accessories and gear is a common practice. However, these accessories can be significant investments, and protecting them is essential. 

The Value of Motorcycle Accessories and Gear

Motorcycle enthusiasts often spend considerable money on accessories and gear to enhance their riding experience and safety. These include helmets, jackets, gloves, riding boots, saddlebags, and aftermarket performance parts. The combined cost of these accessories can add up, making them valuable assets for riders.

Motorcycle Insurance vs. Accessory Coverage

When considering how to protect your motorcycle accessories and gear, it’s essential to understand the options available:

  • Motorcycle Insurance: Standard motorcycle insurance typically covers your motorcycle in the event of theft, accidents, or damage. Most policies cover accessories and gear up to a specific limit, but it may not be enough to replace high-end items fully. Some policies may not even mention them. 
  • Accessory Coverage: To ensure your accessories and gear are adequately protected, you can purchase accessory coverage as an add-on to your motorcycle insurance policy. 

Considerations When Adding Accessory Coverage

When opting for accessory coverage, keep the following in mind:

  • Item Valuation: Ensure that your coverage adequately reflects the value of your accessories and gear through receipts. 
  • Coverage Limits: Be aware of any coverage limits or deductibles associated with your accessory coverage. 
  • Comprehensive vs. Collision Coverage: Accessory coverage may fall under comprehensive or collision coverage, depending on the circumstances of the loss. 

Keltner Insurance Can Help You with Motorcycle Insurance

At Keltner Insurance, we can answer all your questions concerning motorcycle insurance. We assist the Memphis, TN area. Contact us today.

Do you always need to have life insurance in Tennessee?

Anyone who lives in the Memphis, TN area is going to need to obtain proper insurance plans. One type of insurance that all people in this part of Tennessee need to have is life insurance. This is a valuable type of coverage that can help provide financial support to your dependents and offer other long-term financial benefits. There are various reasons why you should always have this coverage here. 

Provide Financial Support

All people in this part of the state need to have life insurance so they can offer financial support for their dependents. If you have people who rely on you for financial resources, life insurance is a great way to ensure you can cover their expenses in the future. With a life insurance plan, your dependents will receive a death benefit if you were to pass away during the policy period. 

A full life insurance plan in Memphis is also a good idea, as it can be a great investment alternative. With a whole life plan, your policy will build a monthly cash value as you make premium payments. In the future, you can liquidate this account while still receiving life insurance protection. This can make it a good investment option as well. 

It is always important for people in the Memphis, TN area to carefully assess their life insurance needs. When you are looking for a new life insurance policy in this part of the state, calling our team with Keltner Insurance would be a great idea. When you call our Keltner Insurance insurance team, you can get all the support you need to build a proper plan and ensure you have appropriate life insurance coverage. 

Top Types Of Commercial Insurance For Your Memphis Business

Navigating commercial insurance can be challenging for Memphis, TN businesses; no one knows that better than Keltner Insurance. Take a quick look at three of the most common types of commercial insurance and how our team can help you find the right policies for your company. 

Business Liability Insurance 

Business liability insurance is a type of general coverage that protects you from lawsuits filed against your company for things you may be liable for, such as an injury to someone on your property. This policy pays their medical bills, attorney’s fees, and any other damages you would be required to pay the plaintiff. 

For example, if someone on your property slipped and fell and had to go to the hospital, your business liability insurance would cover the claim. 

Commercial Property Insurance  

Commercial property insurance is designed to provide protection for your tangible assets, like your building, equipment, and signage. Without this type of coverage, businesses will be responsible for paying to repair damage caused by storms, fire, theft, acts of vandalism, and other property damage. 

An example would be if someone set fire to your building and demolished it. If a claim is covered, commercial property insurance will reimburse you for the value of all the destroyed assets. 

Umbrella Insurance  

Umbrella insurance is an additional policy that you can purchase to obtain coverage that extends beyond the policy limits of your standard commercial insurance. This coverage extends to business liability and commercial property insurance, so your umbrella insurance will kick in if a claim exceeds either of those policy limits.   

Keltner Insurance agents can help businesses in and around Memphis, TN get the commercial insurance coverage they need to protect their assets and the future of their companies. Call now to learn more.