4 Facts You Should Know About RV Insurance

If you have a recreational vehicle in Memphis, TN, or the surrounding area, one of the best ways to protect your treasured asset is by investing in RV insurance. But since RV insurance isn’t a walk in the park, you need an experienced insurance agent to help you seek suitable coverage. However, on your part, you should equip yourself with basic knowledge about RV insurance. For starters, here are four facts you should know about RV insurance.

It’s mandatory

Your RV may act as your home, but don’t forget that your RV is a vehicle. And as you know, anything driven on public roads needs protection since it poses a danger to other road users. Invest in RV insurance from Keltner Insurance to legally drive your RV in Tennessee. Besides the law, if a lender finances your RV, they may insist you purchase RV insurance to protect your investment.

Difference between actual and replacement cost value

When your RV is stolen or totaled, what value will the insurance company compensate you? The replacement cost value means that your insurer will pay an amount equivalent to getting an RV similar to yours. Actual value refers to your RV’s value less deprecation. We usually advise clients to consider the replacement cost value.

It comes with different coverage options.

Like most insurance policies, RV insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all coverage — it has different options so that you can choose those that suit your needs. RV insurance options include collision, comprehensive, personal contents, and liability coverage.

It can cover personal belongings.

Since you use your RV as a home, the chances are that you have numerous belongings in your RV. Thankfully, RV insurance can cover damage or loss to your assets.

Are you looking for RV insurance in Memphis, TN? Why don’t you reach out to Keltner Insurance for an affordable quote?