I Own Two Condos – Can I Have Both Properties On The Same Insurance Policy?

If you are fortunate enough to own two condominiums then guess what my friend, you have arrived. Let us here at Keltner Insurance help you properly protect your investment by acquiring the right insurance. If you own two condominiums it would be prudent to discuss the nature of your ownership before you make the decision to put them on the same policy. In certain instances, you would be allowed to put them on the same policy. If you own the condominiums for example for business reasons and they are part of your business entity and they are not personalized for your residence per se you may be able to put them on the same policy. Another instance where you may be able to put them on the same policy is if you own two condominiums that are in relatively close proximity to the other. Maybe they are actually next-door to one another in Memphis, TN, in that instance you may be able to put both of the condominiums on the same policy. 

It is important to talk with your insurance agent so that you can come to a decision together about how best to protect the properties. Generally speaking, two separate policies are needed for two separate addresses. 

Getting you the correct information about an insurance product is our goal.  At Keltner Insurance, we go the extra distance to make certain you have a clear, concise understanding of what you are purchasing. In addition to condo insurance, we provide coverage for home and auto, renters, life insurance, boat/watercraft, motorcycle, and RV insurance as well as commercial insurance. Come into our office today or give us a call to learn how we can start a productive partnership toward protecting your assets.