ATV Riding in Memphis: A Helpful Beginner’s Guide

If you don’t know very much about ATVing, then here’s some good news: it’s pretty easy to pick up. If you can drive a car and ride a bicycle, chances are you’ll look pretty good on an ATV. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t safety precautions to take so you can make sure you have fun in one piece. Here are a few tips to get you out in the sun, wind and open air.

Easy Rider 

Your ATV should have just a few simple instructions to operate. As a beginner, you won’t need to have anything fancy (you can always add features on later.) You should be taking your ATV out to the many open areas around Memphis where you’re reasonably sure you won’t injure yourself or any property, even if you make several mistakes. If you’re a natural and you feel confident you know what you’re doing, then feel free to step it up a notch, but at least at the beginning take it slow.

Proper Gear 

Suit up in the case doesn’t mean put on a tie. Goggles and helmets aren’t just for motorcycles. If you fall off, you need protective clothing to save you from the harsh road or unexpected changes in terrain. Invest in an outfit and get used to always putting it on before you head out.

Getting Insured

In Tennessee, you’re not required to buy insurance, but ATV theft is really too common to leave it to chance. Even with proper safety precautions, you’re still at a big risk to lose your investment. Talking to Keltner Insurance can help you see how easy and affordable it is to get your ATV set up so you don’t have to be responsible for the many things that can go wrong.