Tips for Purchasing the Right Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Tailoring a policy to suit your specific needs is crucial. Exploring the policies varied home insurance providers in your area offer can give you a richer understanding of what’s available. Whether you are acquiring your first home insurance policy or renewing an existing one, these tips from Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN, can ensure you gain optimal coverage within your budget.

Essential Tips for Buying Home Insurance Coverage

While home insurance isn’t generally compulsory unless you have a mortgage, having proper coverage can turn out to be a lifesaver in protecting your assets. Here are some insights to help you select the right policy:

  • Home Value Estimation: Properly gauge your home’s value and secure sufficient dwelling coverage. This will help you rebuild your home if it suffers a total loss.
  • Protect Personal Belongings: Evaluate the worth of your belongings and obtain appropriate coverage to replace them in case of a disaster. We recommend creating a home inventory for effortless claim processing should a disaster strike.
  • Liability Coverage: This will cover the medical expenses if someone accidentally gets injured while on your property. Adequate liability coverage can keep your assets safe if a serious accident ensues.
  • Reasonable Deductible: Choose a deductible amount you’re financially comfortable with for your policy. A higher deductible can contribute to lower insurance costs.

Quality Home Insurance Coverage in Memphis, TN

For comprehensive home insurance protection at cost-effective rates, reach out to your Keltner Insurance agent in Memphis, TN.

Is Your Home Covered Against Lightning Damage?

There are many home risks, including damage from lighting and storm-related events. If you want to protect your home against damage due to natural events, talk to the professional at Keltner Insurance. We offer top-quality insurance products to residents in and around the Memphis, TN area. 

Protection From Lighting

If your home has adequate insurance, you are protected against incidents like lightning strikes. This type of coverage is vitally important because lighting can cause extensive damage in some instances and may even cause fires. Your structure’s integrity may also be compromised, as well as your electrical and other essential fixtures. Always carry home insurance, whether your home is paid for or being financed, to avoid incurring out-of-pocket expenses. 

Suppose you would like to learn how home insurance can offer protection from natural disasters and other weather-related events. In that case, you can count on the Keltner Insurance team to provide guidance and answers. We can assess your current needs and recommend insurance products that meet or exceed them. We take the time to explain the terms and conditions and help you submit the necessary documents to obtain coverage or submit a claim. 

Reach Out Today

If you want to work with one of our knowledgeable insurance agents, you can stop by or call Keltner Insurance today. We are proud to offer quality insurance products to the residents in and around the Memphis, TN, area. We aim to provide you with a blanket of protection against various risks like lighting strikes, so you can feel secure and avoid out-of-pocket losses related to the event. Let us show you how to get the coverage to protect your home year-round.

If You Have a Mortgage, You Need Homeowner’s Insurance

Why? Your lender wants to ensure their interest is protected in a disaster, such as a fire or weather event. Contact Keltner insurance of Memphis, TN to get answers to any questions you may have regarding this coverage.

It is not required by law like car insurance is. You are legally required to purchase car insurance, but homeowners’ insurance is not legally necessary at any level, from federal down to local.

Homeowners purchase insurance for the same reason they buy health and auto insurance. It provides financial protection due to accidents, theft, or disasters. If your home is damaged or someone is injured on your property, insurance helps defray the costs of such events. The following is the typical type of protection you can expect from your policy.

Covers the Structure of your Home

If your home needs to be repaired or rebuilt due to hail, lightning, fire, hurricane, or other disasters as listed in your policy, the policy will pay. When purchasing insurance for your home, make sure you buy enough to rebuild your home.

Covers your Personal Possessions

They are covered if any of your belongings are stolen or destroyed by a weather event. More expensive items such as art, collectibles, jewelry, or furs are usually covered with dollar limits. You may want to purchase a separate rider to insure them for their officially appraised value.

Liability Coverage

If your dog damages your neighbor’s lawn ornament, or if he bites the neighbor, you are covered. The liability portion of your policy protects you against lawsuits for property or bodily injury. Limits usually start at $100,000, but a higher level should be discussed with your agent.

(ALE) Additional Living Expenses

The additional costs of living away from home will be covered if your residence is deemed unhabitable during the repair or rebuild. It covers hotel costs, restaurant bills, and anything over and above the usual living expenses. ALE coverage usually has limits, both monetary and time. But they are separate from the other costs.

If you are in the process of purchasing a home, contact Keltner Insurance today to get answers to all your questions. You will be glad you did.

Reasons to review your home insurance

Home insurance is designed to protect the biggest investment most people ever make. It offers not just one type of protection but several types. It is not the kind of insurance that stays the same forever. It is something you need to take a look at from time to time. Some reasons are more compelling than others when it comes to reviewing your policy, but everyone should look at their policy at least once a year. In Memphis, TN, Keltner Insurance is locally owned and operated, and we will be there through all the insurance needs that our customers have. 

When it is time for your home insurance to review, you will receive a copy of your policy with a summary of your coverage. This is the perfect time to take a good look at everything that you have in the way of coverage. You can see the amount your home is covered for, the amount of liability coverage you have, how much your deductible is, and what type and amount of content coverage you have.

The value of your home has increased

Many things that you do to your home can increase the value. If you make a major change in your home, you should let your insurance company know. Just putting in a new kitchen or roof isn’t enough to make a major change but adding another bathroom, building an addition or a new garage can and do add value   

You added a liability risk

If you put in a swimming pool, have a trampoline, or have a dog, you need to review the amount of liability coverage that you have.

Content coverage review

If you have actual cash value home contents coverage, you may want to consider replacement cost. This will allow you to actually replace the items lost at today’s cost. 

Contact Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN for all your home insurance needs. 

What Memphis TN Homeowners Need to Know About Owning Multiple Properties

It is not uncommon to own multiple properties.  Some people have rental properties to generate extra income. Others, have a home on the market that is vacant, or under construction. Tennessee is full of mountains and lakes. Owning a cabin can be an excellent way to destress and unwind on the weekends. Some individuals have vacation homes outside of Memphis, TN, and maybe in other states or jurisdictions. Second-home, rental property insurance, cabin insurance, and vacant property insurance are all options that one must consider when in these situations. Keltner Insurance can assist you if you need assistance obtaining the second property insurance that best fits your needs. 

Assisting Multiple Property Owners in the Memphis, TN Area

Second-home, cabin, and vacation home insurance have different needs than a primary residence. As they are unoccupied most of the time, there are additional risk factors. These properties are more susceptible to burglaries, theft, and vandalism. Pipes bursting due to various weather conditions and the possible presence of mold, also contribute to needing additional coverage. A qualified insurance agent in the Memphis, TN area, can assist you with obtaining the correct insurance that fits your needs.

Explaining Vacant Home Insurance 

Vacant house insurance is available for properties that may be left unattended more often than a primary residence. There are certain questions to ask yourself to see if this type of insurance is necessary –  

  • Do you have a property that is vacant for a minimum of 90 days and up to 3 years?
  • Is your second property on the market, or foreclosure?
  • Do you have a property under renovation?


Some home insurance policies do offer vacation home insurance, dwelling, and second property insurance. It sometimes can be attached to an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. Some insurance providers, however, are wary of the risks involved in adding this type of insurance to your policy.

Rental Property Insurance 

When you have a tenant living in a residence that you own, getting rental property insurance can be a wise choice. It can protect you from the various risks that are associated with renting your second property to someone else. There is a high degree of liability involved. You are responsible for the building as well as other possible situational occurrences. A property owner may be liable for any injuries that occur in the residence that your tenant or their guests incur. Damage to belongings is also another reason to get rental property insurance. Contact Keltner Insurance for more information on obtaining insurance for multiple properties. 

What Should I Look For When Purchasing A Professional Home Security System?

Professional home security systems are becoming increasingly more popular. They are also becoming much more affordable. When residents of Memphis, TN have questions about the benefits of having a professional home security system, the staff of Keltner Insurance is always available to help them find the answers they need.


A do-it-yourself home security system may run you as much as $500 for equipment. If you purchase a professional home security system like ADT or Vivint, you will be required to sign a contract for approximately 3-years. The benefit of that is minimal upfront cost and no replacement costs if something breaks. Professional monitoring will vary in price, but in most cases is very affordable. 

Easy to Use

Most professional systems are very easy to use. When the system is installed, the technician will go over how the system operates and what you need to do to keep it in good working order. They will also show you how to use smartphone apps and other features so you get the most out of your system.

Professional Services

Professional systems provide services in terms of round the clock customer service, professional monitoring, and professional installation and set-up. They make sure everything is installed correctly the first time. 

Memphis, TN residents who need advice on what type of professional home security system will work best for their home can call the agents at Keltner Insurance. Visit the office or call to schedule a consultation. They can sit down with you and discuss the size of your home and what type of home security system will best meet your individual needs.

Reasons to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim in TN

Getting homeowners insurance from Keltner Insurance can be an important step for protecting your home and property. When it comes time to file a claim for damages or for liability, you are going to need coverage. If you live in Memphis, TN, then you should get in contact with an agent to discuss options for home insurance. Read more to learn about the top reasons for filing claims on homeowners policies. 

Storms and Severe Weather Problems

Storms and the violence and chaos of weather is a top reason for filing a claim in TN on your home policy. Storms and bad weather can cause a lot of destruction quickly and you will need repairs. This is a good time to assess the damages from the storm, winds or bad weather. Next, hop on the phone to discuss the problems with your agent at Keltner Insurance. Damages can be caused to homes from wind, ice, snow, hail, debris, down trees or other issues related to weather. 

Water Damage to Homes

Flooding can do major damage to homes. Other types of water damage can also occur, however. This includes burst pipes, leaks and heavy rains that damage roofs and other parts of the home. Water damage accounts for many of the claims homeowners insurance policies cover. If you want to know more about what kind of coverage options are available speak with an agent. 


Fire is one of the most damaging elements on this list. Fire can destroy entire homes and ruin personal property. This remains a top reason for filing claims on the home insurance policy in Tennessee. Smoke is also harmful and can destroy peoples’ belongings. Find out more about policies for house insurance and how fire damage is covered by calling an agent. 

When to Claim Your Home Insurance

Be it as it may, not all damage that happens to your homestead needs the attention of the insurance company. Actually, it is far more economical to avoid filing an insurance claim for petty damages to your home. Needless to say, every claim you make can potentially increase your premiums. Hence, you should be more careful when you are planning to file a claim. There are quite a number of companies for house insurance such as Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN.

When should you file an insurance claim?

  • If it is something precious to you

Insurance covers are mostly for what we cannot afford to lose such as the valuables that you cannot easily replace. These could include excessive damage to your house or theft.

  • Cost effective replacement

It is expedient to assess the cost of replacing the damage. If the total cost is supposedly less than the deductible amount, you should desist from making an insurance claim.

  • If you can afford it, don’t file a claim

Certainly, the insurance company will pay you less. If you realize that you can comfortably afford the repair yourself, do not make the claim.

  • Avoid multiple claims

Filing several claims within a short period of time will increase your premiums tremendously. You don’t want to be in the high-risk category of your insurance company.

What you need to know before filing a home insurance claim

  • Is the claim covered?

Do not file a claim for anything if you do not have coverage for these claims. You should ensure that whatever claim you are filing should be covered by your home insurance company.

  • There is a potential increase in premiums

Filing a claim can potentially increase your premiums tremendously. If you are not prepared to handle an additional increase in premiums then you can reconsider your stand on filing a claim.

For more information about house insurance, contact Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN or read more about house insurance from their blog.

How to Choose Home Insurance

For most people, purchasing a home will be one of the largest investments that they make in their lifetime. This is true both emotionally and financially. Therefore, you want to be knowledgeable when it comes to choosing the ideal home insurance for your needs in Memphis, TN. Here are a few tips that should help you out significantly.

1. Look Around for Coverage

If you have a mortgage on your home, the lender will likely require that you get homeowners insurance. Don’t rely on your lender to choose the homeowners insurance for you. Rather, you should get quotes from a number of different home insurance companies and compare their limits, coverage, and deductibles.

Keep in mind that the insurance company offering the lowest price is not always the best choice. Choose a company that offers 24/7 support and excellent customer insurance. 

2. Look Up Company Ratings

You should look up and compare ratings for the insurance companies you’re looking at. A.M. Best is an excellent source for ratings for insurance companies. Ratings will depend on industry standards for home insurance. Insurers who have good ratings are more likely to be a good choice.

3. Keep Location in Mind

You should also keep the location of your home in mind when it comes to buying a home. The location of your property could impact the cost of your home insurance. For example, if there is a fire station just five minutes away, you can expect to pay less for home insurance. On the other hand, if your home is located in an area prone to natural disasters, you can expect to pay more.

For more information about how to choose home insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Keltner Insurance. Our professionals here at Keltner Insurance will be able to provide quotes to individuals in Memphis, TN and the surrounding area.

Mistakes first time home buyers make

Buying a home can be a fun, exciting, and scary experience whether you are buying a home in Memphis, TN or somewhere across the states there are many tips that would be good to know. Keltner Insurance has come up with mistakes to avoid for first time home buyers.

One tip is not coming up with a budget and knowing what you can and cannot afford. The bank might say what you are approved of, but that can be different from what you can actually afford. Make a list of monthly expenses to be sure how much you can actually afford. Don’t look at homes that are outside your price range or you will end up lusting over something you cannot afford.

The next mistake would be skipping the mortgage qualification process. Always get pre-approved for a loan before placing an offer on a home because it if you have poor credit or unstable income it can deny you.  Also failing to consider the additional expenses can really put a burden on the new homeowners. There are additional expenses on top of the monthly payments such as property taxes, insurance, and repairs. Even find out if there is a homeowner’s association fee. Next, being too picky is a big mistake. Everyone has a new home wish list, but don’t be so inflexible that you just continue to rent because nothing is perfect. There might be things you have to compromise on to find a good home.

Don’t get caught without the level of homeowner’s insurance coverage you need. Instead, easily compare quotes online though Keltner Insurance serving Memphis, TN.