Things that condo insurance won’t cover

Having a condo is a great way to break into the housing market in Memphis. While owning a condo is like owning a freestanding home, some things are pretty different, and the same is true for condo insurance. We are Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN, and we are a locally owned independent insurance agency. We provide personalized service and lots of options. 

While condo insurance covers many things that can go wrong at your condo, it doesn’t cover everything. Many of the things that home insurance covers are not covered by condo insurance. Some things are not covered because they are covered by the master policy that the condo association has. This includes exterior damage to the building, such as the roof or exterior walls. Your condo insurance also does not cover liability for the public shared areas of the condo complex and areas like the pool or the parking lot. 


Flooding is not covered by condo insurance. If the river, ocean, a stream, or backed-up storm drains flood your condo, your condo insurance excludes that damage. To be covered, you need to purchase a dedicated food insurance policy. 

Earth movement

Earth movement involves different types of damage. It can be from an earthquake, a sinkhole, mudslides, or landslides. All of these are types of earth movement and are excluded. You need to have a rider on your policy to have the coverage. 

Owner neglect

This involves routine maintenance that needs to be done to make sure that your condo is not damaged. If you have leaky plumbing, you need to get it fixed before it damages your floors and walls and results in mold. 

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