Is RV Insurance Mandatory In Tennessee?

Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) is a lot of fun. It provides you with a unique way to cruise across the country while you enjoy home-like comfort. However, RV ownership comes with a large investment that is as expensive as purchasing a house. With this in mind, your RV should be well-protected with insurance like any other investment. And that’s not all. 

RVs are large vehicles that can cause significant damage and injuries if involved in an accident. Imagine the accident-related costs you can be saddled with if you haven’t purchased RV insurance? Massive, right? Fortunately, if you are a resident of Memphis, TN, and the surrounding areas, Keltner insurance is there to solve your RV insurance headache.

RV insurance in Tennessee

Most of the states require that you have RV insurance, just like auto insurance. In Tennessee, RV insurance is mandatory, especially if it’s driven on the road. To note is that there are numerous RV insurance options to ensure optimal protection. However, most states like Tennessee require you have at least liability insurance coverage.

Below are some standard insurance coverages for RVs:

  • Bodily injury liability: If your RV is involved in an accident and there is an injured person, this insurance will cover the hospital bill as well as the loss of income.
  • Collision: If your RV gets hit by another vehicle, hits another car or object, or rolls over, this insurance coverage will pay for the damage.
  • Comprehensive: This form of RV insurance coverage pays for any loss not caused by a collision. For example, vandalism, fire, hail, theft, and falling objects.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist: The coverage covers you if you are involved in an accident caused by a driver with no insurance or insurance that cannot cover the damage caused entirely.

Other RV insurance coverages you can consider are:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Towing and labor
  • Vacation liability

Folks, there you have it. Whether you own an RV or planning to buy one, insurance coverage is mandatory. Fortunately for Memphis, TN residents, Keltner insurance has the right insurance coverage for your RV that will protect you as you cruise around the country. Call us today for a quote and more information.