Comprehensive Coverage for Commercial Equipment

A comprehensive commercial property insurance policy will protect a business owner against damage, financial loss, and the need to shut down business operations.


A comprehensive policy will protect against fires that occur within your place of business or on your property. It will cover the cost of eliminating smoke, cleaning surfaces, and repairing damaged materials. It will also cover the replacement of damaged inventory and equipment that are listed on your commercial insurance policy.


Comprehensive coverage will protect against theft. Your place of business should be inspected before you add theft protection. This will allow you to acquire an inventory of all the equipment, furnishings, and other essentials you use in your business.

Weather Related Damage

A comprehensive insurance product will protect against damage caused by a weather event. The coverage will cover the cost of repairing and replacing structural materials, machinery, inventory, or any other vital items needed to run your business.


A comprehensive insurance plan will cover any renovations made to your building. For instance, if you decide to have an extension built onto your commercial structure, these renovations will be protected by your comprehensive commercial insurance policy.

If the renovations become damaged, your commercial insurance policy will pay for the cost of the repairs.

Specified Coverage

Some commercial insurance policies offer specified coverage types. When reviewing insurance products, review all the coverage terms included in each policy you consider.

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