Security Upgrades For Your Condo

If your condo was previously broken into, consider increasing the security within your residence. Use the tips below. After you have made the improvements, consult with a Keltner Insurance agent who serves Memphis, TN. They will recommend insurance products that are suited for condo owners.

Point Of Entry

Assess the point of entry that was used during the break-in. If the door or window isn’t equipped with a modern locking system, this is one item that you should consider investing in. A modern locking system should be installed by a licensed locksmith.

Monetary Loss

Consider the monetary loss that you previously experienced. If a lot of items were stolen in the past, not having adequate insurance coverage probably resulted in you needing to pay a lot of money to replace what you lost. List all the items that you would like to cover with your updated insurance policy.

Adequate Storage

Seek adequate storage solutions for the items of value that you own. Investing in a safe will supply you with space to store jewelry, collectible coins, and other items of value. 

New Lighting

Address any lighting concerns that you have. Your condo should be equipped with plenty of lighting outdoors and indoors. A motion-tracking device that lights up will alert you when someone has entered your property. 

Owner Permission

Before you make any permanent changes to the property that your condo is situated on, seek approval from the owner of the property. 

Agent Services

After you have improved the security that your condo is equipped with, contact an insurance agent who services Memphis, TN. Our insurance agents at Keltner Insurance are trained to prepare and modify condo insurance documents for new and existing customers.