You’re Renting Your First Apartment: Now What?

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting life event. No doubt you are pretty high right now on the feelings of independence and freedom. Don’t forget, however, that along with this freedom comes some new responsibilities. You may think that renting means all the responsibilities are on your landlord, but this is not the case. At Keltner Insurance, serving Memphis TN, we love taking the time to educate people on topics such as renter’s insurance. So, if you have not given renter’s insurance much thought, now is the time to get educated.

Why Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

There is a terrible misconception among renter’s that their landlord’s property insurance is sufficient to protect your belongings in the event of damage. This is not the case. Your landlord’s property insurance will not cover the loss of your personal belongings. If there is damage to your apartment due to fire, flooding, weather or burglary, your furniture, and personal belongings will not be covered under your landlord’s property insurance. 

In order to protect the value of your personal belongings which are inside the apartment, you need renter’s insurance. 

How Does Renter’s Insurance Work?

Your renter’s policy can be customized to suit the value of your personal belongings. Because everyone’s personal belongings are different, you will need to speak with an insurance representative in order to learn how much renter’s insurance you need. 

Once you have purchased a policy, your belongings will be covered in this amount. This is the best way to protect the investment you have made into furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry and other things that hold value to you. 

If you would like to learn more about renter’s insurance, please contact our friendly staff at Keltner Insurance, serving Memphis, TN.