Decisions After a Motorcycle Accident

When the shock is over, the initial pain has stopped, and a licensed rider starts to go down the recovery path, he’s going to have to make some decisions with regards to how to move forward. After the medical trauma has been passed, the shock of the accident will become apparent in what’s left of the motorcycle. Where the vehicle is totaled, wrecked beyond any kind of reasonable repair, then the decision is very straightforward. The question simply becomes whether the policy in place is sufficient enough to pay for a replacement or go a good way towards one. However, where a motorcycle has been damaged but can be repaired, a hard decision becomes present.

If a rider wants to go for a repair, it’s important to first make sure that the bike frame has not been bent. A warped frame will make it critically dangerous to ride the bike at high speed. The motorcycle could either mishandle or, worse, under stress buckle and break apart. So if the damage is cosmetic, such as a lay down, the bike can be repaired. However, if there was an actual impact, a thorough engineering examination is necessary.

Another big risk is the engine and intake assembly. Some motorcycles have body parts but most have an exposed engine assembly. Even a lay down can cause significant damage, tearing parts from each other. Many engine and intake parts are made of aluminum, a very soft metal that gives way to impact very easily. So a good mechanic’s review and analysis is also necessary before using the motorcycle again.

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