Impaired Driving: What You Need To Know When It Comes To Auto Insurance

Driving while impaired, whether by drinking or using prescription or non-prescription drugs puts you, other people, and property at risk. In the event you injure or kill someone or damage Memphis, TN property you could be looking at serious jail time, losing your license, state fees, and expensive legal fees to reinstate your license. But, did you know that impaired driving could also impact your insurance options for years to come? Here’s what you need to know about how impaired driving could affect your Keltner Insurance automotive insurance policy. 

Your Insurance Policy Will Typically Pay Up To Your Policy Limits 

While driving impaired due to alcohol or drugs is illegal, if you drive while impaired and cause a vehicle collision your car insurance policy will pay for the damage you cause — up to your policy limits. This means that if you injure a person or damage a light pole, your insurance policy will pay for the damages. 

Driving While Impaired Will Cause Your Insurance Rates to Skyrocket 

While your current automobile insurance policy is obligated to pay for your damages if you drink and drive not only will your driving privileges probably be affected, but you’ll also end up paying increased premiums for years for your insurance coverage once your license is reinstated. Tennessee keeps a DUI conviction on your record for your entire lifetime! While the average impact on automobile insurance premiums for a DUI conviction is less in Tennessee than in some states, it is on average a whopping 42% higher per year than your previous policy. 

Car insurance policy rates can vary widely if you’re convicted of driving while impaired offense in Memphis, TN, so it is important to review your insurance options carefully. If you have questions about how driving under the influence conviction can affect your insurance rates, give us a call at Keltner Insurance today.