Can You Add Roadside Assistance to Your Motorcycle Policy?

As spring warms the days in Memphis, TN, many motorcyclists take to the roads to enjoy the spring air and sunshine. Keltner Insurance wants to help prepare you for the inevitable with an important option to add to your motorcycle insurance – roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance for Your Motorbike

Whether you opted for insurance covering the state’s minimum required bike insurance or chose full coverage, we suggest you add roadside assistance to your coverage. This low-cost add-on provides a bevy of benefits.

Tow Trucks if Your Bike Breaks Down

It covers towing and labor if your motorcycle breaks while you enjoy a ride. Even if your bike breaks down at or near your home, you can phone roadside assistance for a tow to the nearest garage.

Roadside Gas Concierge

If you run out of gas while riding, roadside assistance saves you. When you phone the toll-free number, a dispatcher sends a tow truck with a gallon of gas to your location. This gets you on your way again.

Flat Tire Help

Roadside assistance covers a plethora of problems, including flat tires. If you experience a flat while on a ride, use your roadside assistance to get a tow to the nearest tire shop. Your motorcycle insurance covers reimbursing you for repairs, so as long as you file an acceptable claim for the tire damage, you’ll get back the money you spent on the new tire.

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