5 Benefits of renters insurance in Memphis, TN

Insurance isn’t just for homeowners. Renters need protection too.

Unfortunately, few tenants fully understand the value of having a designated renters insurance plan. This is often a result of misinformation or misunderstanding.

Luckily, Keltner Insurance can help. Serving Memphis, TN, their experienced agents share five reasons every renter should purchase their own insurance policy.

Extend beyond a landlord’s policy

Renters often incorrectly assume they are already rolled into a landlord or owner’s existing policy. Although these groups will have their own insurance, these policies include only the exterior of a building and structure itself. Any personal possessions are excluded.

Keep possessions safe

Only a specific renters insurance policy can protect your stuff. Furniture, appliances, electronics, and other valuables are covered. If something gets lost, damaged, or stolen, renters insurance will help cover these costs.

Provide liability

Nearly all insurance plans carry liability. If you are found to be at fault for an incident at your residence, liability kicks in. Reimbursements for bodily harm, property damage, medical expenses, and legal fees are likely included.

Cover additional living expenses

Renters insurance is about planning for the unexpected. If disaster strikes and makes your place uninhabitable, "loss of use" is especially beneficial. This could help repay for extra travel, meals, and hotels.

Stay protected anywhere

Surprisingly, your renter’s insurance travels with you. These protections can apply to your belongings anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are at your apartment, in the car, or on vacation. What’s included will be outlined under your policy’s "other covered losses" section. Review this with your agent.

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