Tips To Make Packing Easier

No one likes to pack before a move and no one likes to unpack it either. However, the packing part may be more difficult to some people. If you are about to move and need to start packing up your home, there are some easy ways to make the entire process easier for you. It will also help to make the unpacking process a lot easier as well. Before you move into your new home, read these tips on packing and contact us at Keltner Insurance for all of your homeowners insurance needs. 

  1. Make a first night box. Once you have moved into the new home, you do not want to spend all night looking for your toothbrush in all of the boxes. Instead, while packing, make sure you make a box filled with things you will need the first night. This will include things like toiletries, towels, basic clothes, pillows, and blankets to sleep on. After moving, you will need all of these things and probably will not want to unpack the house to find them.
  2. Label your boxes and take inventory. If you keep track of the boxes, what they have in them, and label them, it will be a lot easier to find what you need and unpack things in an organized fashion. Make sure you take the time to label the boxes so that the unpacking process does not take long and you do not run the risk of getting frustrated. Color coding boxes is also a good idea. You can use color coded stickers to label boxes that should go into specific rooms. That way you will have all of the boxes in the rooms they belong in on the day you move. This makes everything a bit easier when unpacking.