What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Purchasing a condo is an exciting event in your life, and you will want to protect the investment you have made in your new home with the proper insurance policy. The agents at Keltner Insurance, serving the Memphis, TN area, want you to understand that your condo association is required by law only to have insurance on the exterior part of your condominium and the common buildings throughout the property in which your condo is located. This means you need to have your condo insurance policy to ensure that everything else you own is adequately covered.

Condo Insurance Coverage

Condo insurance is similar to a home insurance policy since it covers your personal belongings. This could include your clothing, makeup, toiletries, household items, appliances, and furniture. Suppose these items are stolen in a burglary, or they are destroyed or damaged by a fire at your condo or some other event, such as a natural disaster or act of vandalism. In that case, you will need help in being able to replace or repair these things. This is when your condo insurance policy will be convenient since it can assist you with these expenses. For example, suppose your condo suffers a fire, and you need to move out for a period of time since it is unlivable until it’s repaired. In that case, your condo insurance can assist you in paying for another place to live while the renovations are being completed. This type of condo insurance policy is the most popular one, but there are two others.

Two Other Types of Condo Insurance

If your condo association does not cover the outside area of your condo, you can get an all-inclusive condo insurance policy that will cover everything on the inside of your condo as well as the outside.

You can also choose to have a special entity condo insurance policy that will cover the structure of your condo along with any fixtures that are in place in or around your condo.

Get Your Policy Started

Please do not wait until something happens in which you need condo insurance to obtain it. Call immediately to start your policy with the agents at Keltner Insurance, serving the Memphis, TN area!