Reasons to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim in TN

Getting homeowners insurance from Keltner Insurance can be an important step for protecting your home and property. When it comes time to file a claim for damages or for liability, you are going to need coverage. If you live in Memphis, TN, then you should get in contact with an agent to discuss options for home insurance. Read more to learn about the top reasons for filing claims on homeowners policies. 

Storms and Severe Weather Problems

Storms and the violence and chaos of weather is a top reason for filing a claim in TN on your home policy. Storms and bad weather can cause a lot of destruction quickly and you will need repairs. This is a good time to assess the damages from the storm, winds or bad weather. Next, hop on the phone to discuss the problems with your agent at Keltner Insurance. Damages can be caused to homes from wind, ice, snow, hail, debris, down trees or other issues related to weather. 

Water Damage to Homes

Flooding can do major damage to homes. Other types of water damage can also occur, however. This includes burst pipes, leaks and heavy rains that damage roofs and other parts of the home. Water damage accounts for many of the claims homeowners insurance policies cover. If you want to know more about what kind of coverage options are available speak with an agent. 


Fire is one of the most damaging elements on this list. Fire can destroy entire homes and ruin personal property. This remains a top reason for filing claims on the home insurance policy in Tennessee. Smoke is also harmful and can destroy peoples’ belongings. Find out more about policies for house insurance and how fire damage is covered by calling an agent.