Common Auto Insurance Myths Debunked in Memphis, TN

At Keltner Insurance, we understand that there are many myths surrounding auto insurance, and as a trusted provider, we aim to debunk these common misconceptions. By doing so, we hope to help drivers make informed decisions about their coverage in Memphis, TN.

Myth 1: Red Cars Cost More to Insure

Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies do not consider a car’s color when determining rates. Factors such as the vehicle’s make, model, age, and safety features have a more significant impact on insurance costs.

Myth 2: Personal Auto Insurance Covers Business Use

If you use your vehicle for business-related activities, you may need to purchase additional coverage or a separate commercial auto insurance policy. We can help you determine if your personal auto insurance policy provides adequate coverage for your business needs.

Myth 3: The Minimum State-Required Coverage is Sufficient

Tennessee drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. However, relying solely on the state-required minimum may not provide enough financial protection in the event of an accident. We can help you find a policy that meets your unique needs and offers the appropriate level of coverage.

Myth 4: Your Insurance Covers Anyone Who Drives Your Car

While many auto insurance policies do extend coverage to occasional drivers, this is not a universal rule. Your policy may have specific limitations or exclusions regarding who is covered when driving your vehicle. Reviewing your policy and consulting with us if you have questions about who is covered is essential.

Understanding the truth behind common auto insurance myths is crucial for securing the right coverage in Memphis, TN. At Keltner Insurance, we’re here to provide accurate information and advice, ensuring you make informed decisions about your auto insurance needs. To learn more or to discuss your coverage options, contact us today.