Must Have Insurance Coverage for Your New Condo

Purchasing a condo is the first step towards setting up a new home. The next step is getting condo insurance to protect your investment. Although your condo comes with a master insurance policy, you still need protection for your individual unit. Master policies generally cover the outside of your building and surrounding common areas. An individual condo insurance policy from Keltner Insurance, Memphis, TN, will cover the interior of your home, protect your personal goods and provide you with liability coverage – must have insurance protection for all new condo owners.

Interior Coverage

If a kitchen fire scorches your condo walls or broken water pipes flood your floors, your condo insurance will help cover the cost of repairs so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Interior condo insurance protects the ceiling, floors, light fixtures and floors of your condo against damage from fire, smoke, adverse weather and other catastrophes. As you never know when disaster will strike, it’s important to be prepared with the insurance protection you need.

Liability Coverage

Having a condo of your own makes entertaining that much more enjoyable. With liability coverage, you can celebrate holidays with family and friends without worrying about accidents occurring on your property. If a guest has an accident while visiting your condo, liability coverage will cover any medical costs. Liability coverage also covers damages to neighboring condos due to accidents you cause.

Personal Property Coverage

Last, but not least, personal property/condo contents insurance will protect your personal goods against theft or harm. If you get replacement cost protection, your insurance will pay to have your goods replaced if they’re totally destroyed or stolen. The more goods you own, the more important it is to protect your investments with adequate personal property coverage.

To learn more about condo insurance and all it has to offer, talk to a Keltner Insurance agent in Memphis, TN today.