What Are Your Choices for Auto Insurance in Memphis?

Sometimes when you buy a car, your choices for auto insurance are made for you. If you lease or finance, the bank does everything possible to ensure that you’re protecting the property to the utmost degree, so you’ll be required to have comprehensive coverage to get the loan or lease. But if you buy a car with cash, you have the option for liability or a less inclusive policy. While the price may be right, the decision might be wrong. 

Keeping Insurance Simple 

Keltner Insurance has helped the people of Memphis, TN understand their options when choosing the right auto insurance policies, and we can do it for you too. If you live in this city, you need to be prepared for practically anything. Liability only helps the person you hit. It can leave the at-fault party without transportation for weeks or potentially months if the person can’t afford to fix their car or buy another one. Uninsured drivers, drivers with not enough coverage and hit-and-runs are typically not covered, meaning you’ll be responsible for fixing your own car if you can’t successfully track down the criminal driver or sue for money the driver might not have. 

Calling Keltner Insurance 

Most people are better off getting a better policy than they have now, so if you want to see what you’ll pay for more coverage, talk to us for more information. The people in Memphis, TN stay safe in part because of their responsible choices when it comes to being on the road. Setting a good example isn’t just good for you, it’s good for your family, friends, and neighbors. Give us a call today to see what your choices are and how to elevate your protection and security when on the road.